Wieża Wodna we Fromborku - zabytek architektoniczny
ul. Elbląska 2
14-530 Frombork


+48 604 437 500
+48 694 784 841


Mapa dojazdu do Wieży wodnej

You are welcome to visit the oldest Water Tower in Poland!

    The Water Tower, built in 1571, once supplied water to the Cathedral Hill and drove the mill wheels, today, after many years, is used for quite other purposes....

            On the ground floor and first floor of the Tower is a coffee shop. Climbing up you can see an interesting exhibition dedicated to palaces and mansions of former East Prussia. On the last floor but one, in the drawing-room, the history of the Tower is described and a film is being screened presenting the operation principle of the oldest Water Tower in Poland dating back to 1571. The crowning experience of your tour is the viewing gallery, from which you can see the breath-taking vista of the Cathedral Hill, the Old Town and the Vistula Lagoon with the Vistula Spit.


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